4 Must Visit Places In Switzerland

Officially, Switzerland is the second happiest country on Earth, but you’ll never convince the Swiss people of that, who will insist that the top spot belongs to them alone.

And how could anyone not be happy surrounded by the beautiful Alps, stunning scenery, and unlimited fun things to do? If you’re planning a visit to Switzerland, you’ll want to include these four must-visit places in your itinerary.

Explore Lake Zurich In A Pedalo

You might feel as though you’re playing with an oversized child’s toy, but what better way to explore beautiful Lake Zurich and burn more calories than you would biking an Alpine pass? There are several locations around the lake where you can rent a pedalo.

Once you do, set your sights on exploring the lake at your leisure, taking in some of the most stunning views of the city as you would do in Frankfurt.

If you need something quicker, you’ll also have the option of renting a speedboat or a yawl instead, but you’ll likely regret it if you do!

Hike Zermatt Lake Trail

There are literally thousands of miles of trails that you could hike in Switzerland, all of them offering breathtaking views. In fact, you can visit the official Swiss Tourism website to get a free app that provides details of 32 of the most popular.

While it is difficult to say any one is the best, Zermatt Lake Trail would definitely have to be in the running for the title.

You’ll be able to travel along in the shadows of the Matterhorn, view native animals like the ibex and marmot, and learn about the area’s history at various locations along the trail. The ground can be uneven, so hiking boots and walking canes are highly recommended.

The Matterhorn

Speaking of the Matterhorn, this iconic peak is symbolic of Swiss pride. It’s located on the border with Italy, and it towers about 14,700 feet above sea level. Its four sheer faces face the direction of the compass points, and thousands of people visit every year to scale it to the top.

At its base lies a very charming mountain village, Zermatt. There you’ll find world-class resorts and restaurants, quaint chalets, and horse-drawn carriage rides, which are the primary means of transportation, as motorized vehicles are banned inside the village to preserve its peaceful ambiance.

Enjoy A Local Festival

Regardless of where you find yourself in Switzerland, you can bet that there is a local festival happening somewhere nearby. The Swiss people love to celebrate, and do so with rare style and flare and with luxury cars.

The summer months are particular good for finding local festivals celebrating the traditions and national pastimes of the Swiss people. Enjoy some Swiss folk music in Vevey at the Marches Folkloriques in August, for example, or take in some Swiss wrestling, stone hurling, or the popular Swiss sport, Hornussen (a combination of baseball and golf).

There are so many fun things to do and places to see in Switzerland, that you really can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to do. However, these four places and things will top your list of your favorites after you’ve experienced them.